Liberty Lessons – Episode #3

Episode #3 – Governing Through Regulation featuring Jake Eaton, Chairman of the 1776 Foundation


Featured Guest:

Jake Eaton
Chairman of the 1776 Foundation

Jake Eaton is a founding board member of the 1776 Foundation and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Jake is an entrepreneur, investor, and consultant that owns and manages a diverse portfolio of companies. In addition to his many business endeavors, he has been active in politics for more than 20 years and has advised campaigns at the local, state and federal levels.

Mr. Eaton is also a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Jake currently resides in Billings, Montana with his wife and three daughters.


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Mr. Eaton: We all learn in school about our nation’s Constitution and the three branches of government established by our Founding Fathers.  We learn the purpose of the legislative branch is to vet and pass laws based on the ideas and needs of their constituents.

Alarmingly, over the last few decades, small businesses and households across the country have become more and more restricted by regulations passed not through the legislature, but by executive agencies.

Governing through regulations takes the power of the legislative branch and gives the executive almost unfettered power over daily lives, and ultimately our nation’s economic wellbeing.

The Constitution was designed to make lawmaking cumbersome, representative and consensual. But regulations are a workaround, designed to make lawmaking efficient and at the discretion of the executive.

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