Don’t Tread on Me Plates Now on Sale

Billings, MT – Montana’s coolest new license plate is now on sale throughout the state. The 1776 Foundation’s Gadsden Flag plate went on sale in late January and is now available at any local county treasurer office.

The vibrant yellow plate features the iconic Gadsden Flag image of the coiled rattlesnake on the left side and “Don’t Tread on Me” motto across the bottom.

“This plate looks fantastic and provides an excellent opportunity for all Montanans to support the great work of the 1776 foundation,” said Jake Eaton, 1776 Foundation board chairman.

An iconic symbol of the American Revolution, the Gadsden Flag was named for Christopher Gadsden who created it during the American Revolution. Today it has come to symbolize support for freedom, liberty and the rugged, independent American spirit.

About 1776 Foundation

Based in Billings, Montana the 1776 Foundation 501(c)3 is non-profit organization, with a mission to  help  inform and equip the people of Montana to better evaluate policy options that uphold traditional American values, historic civil liberties, the Montana Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Founded in 2015, the 1776 Foundation works to accomplish our mission through a variety of programing and by supporting other like-minded organizations in Montana.