1776 Foundation Announces Grant Recipients

Billings, MT – The 1776 Foundation today announced the recipients of its financial grants for the third quarter of 2019.  The 1776 Foundation launched its grant program during the spring of 2017 to help support like-minded organizations by funding programs that are in line with our mission.

The 3rd Quarter 2019 grant recipients are:

Montana FFA Foundation, Helping Hands Grant Program – $500 – “Learning to Serve” is part of the FFA Motto. Keeping in the spirit of their motto the Montana FFA Helping Hands Grant was created to secure funds for FFA community service projects. The Helping Hands Grant allows FFA students to submit their community service projects and receive the funding needed to move forward with their projects.

Montana Policy Institute – $500 – Founded in 2008, the Helena, Montana based, Montana Policy Institute is dedicated to securing a free and prosperous future for Montana by working to education and mobilize a network of citizens toward pro-liberty policies.

Montana Free Press – $250 – The Montana Free Press is an independent source for in-depth Montana news, information, and analysis. Founded by veteran award-winning investigative and political reporter John S. Adams, MTFP seeks to uncover the truth and bring to light important news stories by studying arcane bureaucratic processes, seeking out dark corners of major institutions, digging deep into data and documents, and holding those in power accountable to the people.

Judy Martz Women in Leadership Fund- $250 – A project of the Montana Chamber of Commerce Foundation, The Judy Martz “Women in Leadership” Fund began awarding grants in 2019 to women applicants to enhance her educational, professional, business or leadership skills.

Shepherd Wranglers 4-H Club – $1,000 – In 4‑H, kids complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture and civic engagement in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles. The Shephard Wrangles 4-H club has had members participate in local, state and national 4-H activities.


How can your organization apply for grant?

Our Grant Committee meets once per quarter to consider all grant requests and we post the application deadlines online. Find out the rules for application by visiting us online at https://1776foundation.us/programs/grants/


About 1776 Foundation

Based in Billings, Montana the 1776 Foundation 501(c)3 is a non-profit organization, with a mission to to improve government and politics by working to help inform and equip the people of Montana to better evaluate policy options that uphold traditional American values, historic civil liberties, the Montana Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Founded in 2015, the 1776 Foundation works to accomplish our mission through a variety of programing and by supporting other like-minded organizations in Montana.