1776 Foundation Announces $5,000 Matching Grant for Governor Martz Memorial Statue

Billings, MT – The 1776 Foundation today announced a $5,000 matching grant for the effort to establish a statue of Governor Judy Martz in Montana’s Capitol.

“We are pleased to support this great project honoring Montana’s first female Governor,” said Jake Eaton, 1776 Foundation board chairman. “Governor Martz was a transformational leader, and this statue will help ensure her legacy remains an inspiration for future generations.”

The grant will match up to $5,000 in additional contributions raised by the group leading the efforts to build the statue. You can find out more information about the statue efforts or donate online at www.GovMartzStatue.org



About the Governor Judy Martz Memorial Statue

The 2019 Legislature overwhelmingly passed SB 275 that expedites placement of the Statue on the Capitol grounds. SB,275 provides a four-year period to fund, build and place the statute. All funding including an endowed maintenance fund must be done with private funding as required by law. Efforts are in process to secure adequate funding. Find out more at www.GovMartzStatue.org


About 1776 Foundation

Based in Billings, Montana the 1776 Foundation 501(c)3 is a non-profit organization, with a mission to help improve government and politics by working to inform and equip the people of Montana to better evaluate policy options that uphold traditional American values, historic civil liberties, the Montana Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America. Founded in 2015, the 1776 Foundation works to accomplish our mission through a variety of programing and by supporting other like-minded organizations in Montana. Find them at: www.1776Foundation.us

How can your organization apply for grant?

Our Grant Committee meets once per quarter to consider all grant requests and we post the application deadlines online. Find out the rules for application by visiting us online at https://1776foundation.us/programs/grants/